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I like you…. prove me wrong !

antonio-dellisanti @ 11:00
Is this anything? just rumors, don’t go crazy ^_^
“Siamo qualcosa che non resta ..”need one say more?
I am working in progress — aetatis suae
bad weather reminders?
cogito ergo Deus est.. remarkable mind the gap ^_^

Ciao, per te sarebbe stato sicuramente meglio “eye-scrolling” Feisbuk o fare qualcosa di più “divertente e piccante”..
Fai pazienza, io ho cercato di organizzare al meglio per te: non  deludere le tue soprendenti e nascoste capacità ^_^
Tell me what you feel and become when you are having an inquisitive and interesting conversation with Ginny. Allthought you are not gold coating you could prove yourself chatting either in different languages with an artificial intelligence as Eloisa and strolling around our system galaxy qui
You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself. By the way, here is your Inexplicable and Unexplainable special day

Théorème de Fermat — Il n’existe pas de nombres entiers non nuls x, y et z tels que : xn + yn = zn, dès que n est un entier strictement supérieur à 2. La conjecture de Shimura-Taniyama-Weil précise que les courbes elliptiques peuvent toujours être associées (ou paramétrées) à des fonctions spéciales dites modulaires. La contradiction qui en résulte montre que l’équation de Fermat ne peut avoir de solutions.

Euler’s Formula — eix = cos x + isin x This formula establishes the deep relationship between the trigonometric functions and the complex exponential function ejθ = cos(θ) + j sin(θ). In particular, when x = π, or one half-turn (180°) around a circle (sine and cosine are given in radians):cos( π)=-1 and sin (π)=0, it follows that ejθ=-1 +0j wich yields Euler’s identity ejθ+1=0

Nikola Tesla:  First Contact with Alien Intelligence here 


Albert Einstein‘s lackadaisical Theory of Relativity
costanza velocità della luce (23’50”)
schiuma quantistica spazio-tempo
massa inerziale e gravitazionale
One gram of DNA can store 700 Terabyte
1 in Universe, mi piaci
Comparative planetary and stellar size
20 Best Website to Download Free Ebooks
open culture ^_^

Wait Just an Entanglement Quantum Minute ” Pavarotti through the Wormhole”, yet a  figment of  our imaginations.  Rudi, a “spooky action at a distance”: I like you.











I benefici sul cervello di chi suona uno strumento

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